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The Complete Continuing Medical Education Application for Physicians

About CME Genius

All licensed medical professionals are required by law to maintain records of their Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits. Without documentation you will not be able to renew your license, practice medicine, and you may be subject to fines. Surprisingly, most licensed professionals still use paper and pencil as their only method of documentation to comply with the law.

CME Genius is now available to completely transform and improve the way you track and manage your CME Credits and the CME Requirements for your state license(s). CME Genius provides interactive tools for summarizing and visualizing key information about your progress towards completing your CME Requirements. CME Genius takes the hassle out of managing your CME

All of the State CME Requirements for MDs and DOs, are integrated into the application for your reference and use in completing your CME goals. Track all of your past, present, and future CME with ease on your preferred mobile device! Backup and share your CME History quickly via email, Bluetooth, Smart Beam, or any of the other built-in digital transfer options.

CME Genius Features

  • Instant access to your complete CME History with the press of a button
  • CME Credits & Requirements manager for the status of licenses held in multiple states
  • Easily backup CME Data to the device, or to an external source
  • View and select CME Requirements from all 50 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia
  • Create unique CME Requirements
  • Built-in Reminder system for CME Events, license requirements, and other important dates
  • Seamless integration with your device‚Äôs calendar and notification system
  • Provides a digital record in the event of a CME Audit
  • Your data is stored privately on your own device
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your administrative assistant

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iOS app on iTunes Appstore Android app on Google Play